Parody accounts will be blocked on Twitter

The number of people defrauded due to accounts opened by imitating the accounts of celebrities is increasing day by day. Twitter will examine parody accounts in detail to prevent fraud.

Twitter will sanction those who do not state that they are parody accounts
Before buying Twitter, Elon Musk promised that he was against suspending accounts for life and reopening the accounts of banned users like Donald Trump. However, Musk announced that accounts impersonating celebrities will be permanently closed.

Parody accounts are required to indicate in their profiles that they do not belong to a real person, as per Twitter rules. However, Twitter moderation does not impose any sanctions when parody accounts do not follow the rules. However, Twitter rules state, “It is prohibited to impersonate individuals, groups or organizations to mislead, confuse or deceive others, or to use a false identity in a way that disrupts the experience of users on Twitter.” statements are included.

Hackers cheated by impersonating Musk after hacking verified accounts in the past years. Musk, one of the people who had the most trouble due to fake accounts, shared his thoughts on the parody account.

Stating that sanctions will be applied to accounts that do not clearly state that they are parody accounts, Musk said, “From now on, parody accounts that do not comply with the rules will be permanently suspended. Previously, we warned before suspending the account. But now that we’re rolling out pervasive verification, there won’t be any warnings.” made statements.

Twitter has been going through hard times for a while due to social media trolls and racists. Analysts think that some people have increased the dose of hate speech to test the platform’s new rules.